Thursday, October 4, 2007

So far my first week here at Disney has been awsome! I've met so many talented people, it's amazing that I'm goning to be working with them all. Yesterday we all met with John Lassiter during one of our daily animation reviews. It was so cool sitting there listening to him critique all of the animators work. What could be even cooler than that?....well i'll tell you. Today after lunch at the studio I was walking back to my office with some of the other animators and we saw none other than "the musical sensation crossing the globe....Hannah Montana!!!!!".......ok I thought it was cool.


Brian Cutler said...

Sure... like you weren't already working with a bunch of talented people. Traitor.

I'm kidding :)

Were you the only one in the group who recognized Hannah Montana? Did you get her autograph?

Mrhyrum said...

thanks is a talent of yours to make me feel bad.

Funny you ask because I was the only one who recognized her, but I knew it was her. The funny thing is that she recognized me too and we started talking about how great the game was that we made for her.

Brian Cutler said...

A talent for making you feel bad, eh? Hey Hyrum, I ate at Kaputo's on Friday. :)

Yeah, I'm sure you and Hannah are bff now.

Mrhyrum said...

kaputo's ............KAPUTO'S
I have eaten anything out here that even competes.

Adam Strick said...

hahahahaha!! Hannah!