Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Disney Commisary does it again

Because I live pretty close to the studio I will usually come home for lunch, but occasionally I will eat at the Disney Commissary. Thats what I did today. The commissary food is normally pretty bland and tasteless but I discovered flan today. Yeah, Disney Flan! It was so good. I'm going back tomorrow to have another. Stay away from the beef kabobs, and the hummus pita but definitely try the flan.

On a "Bolt" note, we were told today who will be playing the voice of a significant character in the film. A very good actor. (I'm going to ask tomorrow if I can post his name) We also found out who will be doing the musical score for the movie. (This one is very exciting but once again I'll need to make sure I can post it.)


little jimmy said...

Hey man!

at least your Commissary has an "A" rating.. I'm on the Prospect Lot in Hollywood, we've had a "C" rating for almost a year!
Dude! your Blog's cool!
I'm OUT!

PS! Please tell me that cat from Cheers will be there! He's a staple!

Don said...

Man, they really keep a tight lid on all things Disney. But I got to tell you, I think it is awesome that you are working for them. That's so cool

Matthew said...

Yes... It is me. I will be doing the voice AND the score. The score is going to be a mix between latin-in-your-face-funk and Gospel hip hop dance music. It so goes with the whole theme of the movie. You are going to love it as I am sure will the Academy!

Adam Ford said...

Dude, I am very jealous. All the flan you could ever want? Now that sounds like the hook up.From everything your previous posts say, it sounds like you are having a blast. Everything is good here. I am hoping to be able to email you some images soon.