Monday, January 14, 2008

I can get 20 miles per overnight charge with this baby, and she's lightning fast. Many have erroneously assumed that the ease at which I travel throughout the city is due to some fossil fuel consuming vehicle. The "X-treme 2000" is totally green. Disney is paying me 2 dollars a day for traveling to work on this sweet machine. (after taxes it ends up being about one dollar a day)
I look like the complete idiot (that you've all come to know and love), but come on, who wouldn't for a whole dollar?


Adam Strick said...

You rock dude!

Don said...

I don't care how much of an idiot you look like... You're still family! :) Love the scooter!

troybarker said...

Nice ride! You know what I have always said. It pays to get payed to ride. Rock on Bro!!!!