Saturday, January 5, 2008

Yes,..............I am a Mormon

We've been in California three months now and its been interesting to see how many people are shocked that I'm a Mormon. I myself have been shocked at some of the false ideas so many people have of Mormons. I, therefore, am devoting this new post (and this post only) to the answering of a few , regularly asked, questions regarding Mormons.

1) Do Mormons have multiple wife's? NO, our church discontinued that practice well over a hundred years ago. I only have one wife. All Mormon's only have one wife..........and the jokes are really getting old.

2) Why don't Mormons drink alcohol or coffee? Coffee's just really not that good for you anyway, and drinking alcohol more often then not seems to get people in all kinds of trouble but I suppose the real answer is because we believe God told us not to. Besides, think of all the hang overs I'm avoiding......ha.......ha,ha.........ha.

3) Why are we called Mormons? "Mormons" is actually just a nick name. People call us that because we use the Bible and a book called the Book of Mormon. The Bible is the writings of Prophets from ancient Isreal. The Book of Mormon is the writings of Prophets in the ancient americas. We consider both to be scripture. (Ezek 37:16,19 talks about it)

4) Are Mormons Christians? Yes. Our church name is the church of "Jesus Christ" of latter-day saints. We believe in the Bible and we believe that Jesus was the literal Son of God. There are some Christian religions out there that claim we are not Christians because we do not believe the trinitarian idea of three God's in one. We believe that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost are three different personages but with one unified purpose. Here is a great link that explains why we think that:,5232,23-1-775-15,00.html

5) Who is this Joesph Smith guy? God called prophets anciently to teach people the gospel. Shortly after the crucifixion of Christ the prophets were eventually all killed off and the fullness of the gospel was lost. The Bible talks about this in 2 Thesselonians 2:3. Joseph Smith was called by God in our day (around 1820) to be a Prophet and to restore the gospel that was lost. We don't worship Joseph Smith just like we don't worship Moses or Abraham. Prophets in all ages teach people God's plan.

6) Why would anyone want to be a Mormon? This was a funny thing someone asked me at work the other day. I figured I would answer it with my top two reasons.
1 - We believe that a man and a woman can be married for eternity, not just "until death do you part". Its a beautiful doctrine only found in the Mormon faith.
2- We believe in continuing revelation, Meaning, that God speaks in our day just as he spoke in ancient times. That there are living prophets on the earth today to help guide us away from the moral slime that is Hollywood.

I'll be honest, being a Mormon is not the easiest thing to do. No Alcohol, no smokes, no premarital sex (how's that for a shocker) But the things that mean the most, that bring the most fulfillment in life are never easy. In closing just let me say that for whatever reason, a lot of crazy things are being said about Mormons. I just encourage everyone to check the source, is a good one if you have any questions or just ask me. I don't want this to turn into a big religious forum so if you have any questions or comments just send them to my email:

Thanks for listening, we now take you back to our normal animation blog programming, already in progress.....


Don said...

Way to go, Cuz! Nice post.

Randall Sly said...

Thanks Hyrum.

Brian Cutler said...

I always knew there was something weird about you Hyrum. ;)

Matthew said...

whats a mormon?