Tuesday, April 22, 2008

my shot

I've been working on a shot for a couple weeks now. It's 474 frames long of Rhino (the hamster) talking to Bolt. It's a pretty funny part of the movie, lots of subtlety. I'm very grateful for the shot........but it's really starting to frustrate me! It's about 75 to 80 percent there, it looks ok but not great. There are some animators here who are consistently doing awesome work so I've been picking their brains to see how they animate. I'm learning that I need to get lots of critiquing from others. I'm confident that I will finally get it..........one day.


David Gilson said...

When you are a young animator, it's sometimes hard to be confident in his own work when your colleagues are very good. I can feel your wish to give the best you can in that Rhino'shot and i'm pretty sure you'll get it soon. i think it's a good way to get some around advices,but to watch a lot other's works too and why not see again Disney Classics to get inspiration and feel the heritage... I'm sure you know all that and your post reminds me a bit the Tarzan's production.
By the way, we just learn that Bolt will be released the 4th of february in France!! That will be so long and i'm a bit disappointed to not see it at Xmas time because french people love to discover new Disney movies during this holiday days... The title is also translated in Volt because i guess Bolt doesn't mean anything to us,but Volt can mean a bit more "electricity" and can make a connection with the bolt on the dog's fur...
Whatever, can't wait for the moment to see a trailer!!
In waiting, take confidence in yourself ; if you have this part to animate, that means you can do it for sure!! ;)
"Bon Courage" Hyrum! :))
ps: sorry for my english,lol

Don said...

I've always thought that you're a great artist! I wouldn't doubt your ability. Good heavens! There is a reason why Disney hired you.

Keep it up. I'll be the first one in line when the movie comes out.

Rock on!

Hyrum Virl Osmond said...

Ah, you guys are swell. The shot is actually looking much better today...........thats all I needed, a little pep talk.

Bobby Pontillas said...

I'll hoot 'n' holler when I see it in the theater!

Mama C. said...

As an artist, I think when you stop being critical of, and begin to become complacent about your own work, then your passion for your craft begins to diminish.

I've seen several examples of your artwork, Hyrum, and you're way more talented then you give yourself credit for.


Matthew said...

Will you please stop your whining! It is so annoying.

By the by... you are my fav artist.

KareBear said...
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KareBear said...

Hi Bro. Hyrum. Thanks for replying to my email. In thanks, I'm going to post a comment here, as you suggested to do.

I'm looking forward to seeing Bolt, and the hamster talking. I think when this comes out I will miss my old job at Toys R Us. Probaly will have toys I will want to get my nieces and nephews.