Saturday, June 7, 2008


My hat is off to all you guys at Dreamworks. This movie was great. I will admit I have not been a Dreamworks fan.........until I saw this movie. The characters had appeal, the camera work was amazing and the animation was very solid. I especially loved the opening sequence 2d cool. I thought the story was just a little better than ok but I'm not even complaining about that. It was well worth the money.


Don said...

Agreed! Just saw it last night. Thought it was really good.

BrandonBeckstead said...

Woot, yeah I am glad you liked it. I really liked it too. I hope bolt is good too!

rebby said...

um for shizzle! Panda is by far the best DW picture to date. My favorite character and animation was definitely Oogway!! WOW the subtle animation was just amazing!

Way to go DW!

Anonymous said...