Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A farwell to Steve

This is me and Steve in front of "The Bolt Fountain". We turned the fountain on at the beginning of the project and it flowed continuously until Monday when it was shut off at our Bolt closing ceremonies. We had everyone on the team sign it so we could remember everyone that made Bolt so awesome. (I'll probably sell it on ebay and make a couple bucks :)
Steve is leaving Disney Studios this Friday and he will be missed. He's leaving us to work on some awesome project at Sony. Not only is Steve a great animator but he is one of those cool rare people who never once let a swear word leave his mouth. I'm not one who particularly gets offended by bad language, The industry is full of it and I still very much respect all the people I work with regardless of their colorful metaphors. I'm just saying that for a Mormon boy strait out of Utah, I couldn't have had a better animator to share an office with. (Although, I have to say that our constant Foosball game loses were completely his fault)


Karyn said...

That's impressive with the swearing. He obviously realized it sounds bad and there's much better ways to handle life.

I don't get offended, but swearing brings my feelings crashing to the floor. Not sure why either. I don't even like the mild words.

Matt said...

Hmmm...I'm trying to figure out what leads to better animation: the studios nowadays where everyone is a bit more sensitive or in the old days with a bunch of old men swearing, smoking probably a few fist fights. I dunno.

Hyrum Virl Osmond said...

Actually, I think the only difference is that now days we're a bunch of "young" men swearing, smoking, and having fist fights. Sensitive?.........um, no.

Jim said...

The Stache is Awesome! give Steve a hug for me.. and have a cigarette for me.. oh and beat someone up over at the Princess and the frog for me..

(that was not a racist joke!)

Super Kate said...

awesome is a strong word...i prefer the beard

Super Kate said...
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Matt said...

C'mon guys just picture it!

Milt Kahl threatens to scissor kick Bill Peet! So Bill whips out his samurai sword! But that's okay, Milt's fast enough to dodge bullets!

They work out their issues. No one loses any of the important fingers. Everyone animates three minutes worth of the feature that day and then they go write a couple novels and play a show in their dixie-land jazz band.

That's a high quality life right there.

I kid of course...and just make up nonsensical stuff, but man they got a lot of stuff accomplished back then. I think it was the lack of video games.

I'm curious is your pal Steve gonna be working for Sony Pictures or Sony Animation?

Hyrum Virl Osmond said...

He's moving right on to Sony animations next feature. I saw some early tests on it and it looks really good.