Monday, September 15, 2008

Hyrum's Top 3 Movies

It has been pointed out to me by my dear wife that I hate most movies. That despite how much a movie will be loved by the general public, I will typically dislike and ridicule it. I gladly accept my wife's assessment of my theatrical disdain. I suppose I would even take it further by saying that I enjoy that fact that I hate movies that everyone else likes. This is because the general American public.........have absolutely no taste in film. I would, however, like to set the record strait and say that I do like some movies. Here are my three Top Movies of my time.

#1 Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

I was hooked on this movie when I was a kid and I'm hooked on it now. Great story, great effects, and certainly one of the coolest endings of all time.

#2 Aliens

I had nightmares for years because of this movie. Truly awesome effects that were done without the crippling effects of CG. (Just go watch alien 3 and you'll see what I mean...bla) I miss the movies of guys dressed up in alien suites, it brought an eerie life to these aliens that CG just can't provide. It has great acting, suspense, great story........and space marines. So cool! It should be noted that since I no longer watch rated R movies that I own edited versions of this and Shawshanke. I say that because I don't want my neices and nephews reading this blog and blaming me for the years of nightmares they will have by watching this movie. Please kids, don't watch this movie.

#3 The Shawshanke Redemption

Great acting, inspiring story, and is the most satisfying ending I have ever seen. (It should also be noted that the soundtrack is amazing)

So there it is. I'm sure some of you will disagree with me on these but thats just because I'm right and your wrong.


Mama C. said...

Well.... two out of three ain't bad! :)


Jim said...

Nice Picks..

You did fail to mention
"Bubba Ho~Tep" I think you would enjoy it!

Aliens is one movie that will stand the test of time.. Solid in every way, still holding the line with all the CG crap out there..
I think the Crash scene can rival any action scene out there.

Adam said...

Shawshank is probably one of Stephen King's best work, Green Mile was pretty good too, but Shawshank followed the book almost word for word. Great story of redemption, etc etc. My all time fave movie of all time too

Adam said...

I forgot to Add, HR Geiger's work on the costumes of Alien were absolutely amazing, and yes, I had nightmares for years too.

Krystie said...

Hyrum, You have a great blog :)
Is Becky going to ever update hers?
Could you remind her to update it please?
Krystie-Becky's cousin

Karyn said...

What about Bambi??

Brian Cutler said...

Maybe it's because we shared an office for too long, but I'm like you when it comes to movies. My wife hates going to movies with me; she thinks I overanalyze things way too much. She and my brother both got really mad at me because I hated the latest Indiana Jones movie. Oh well... what can you do? I agree with your list, although I would put Shawshank on top and Aliens at the bottom. I recently watched Raiders and was surprised at how well it held up. It's still awesome! That was the one that gave me nightmares. Everytime I closed my eyes all I could see was melting faces. :O

Hyrum Virl Osmond said...

I've always told my wife that sharing an office with you was the reason I hated movies so much. And I agree,all movies should have more melting faces.