Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Why all ants should die

I'm back! I had a great vacation with my family. Two weeks of rest, relaxation.....and ants. I explain. Just before we left on vacation we ran into a little bit of a pest problem. We woke up to ants crawling all over us in our bed. AwwwwwwwwE!!!!!! it was traumatic. We told management about the problem, they showed up with a can of bug spray and said good luck. So I sprayed the house from top to bottom and we we took off to Disneyland. After a few days of fun we started packing up the car to head home, when to our surprise, our van was covered with ants inside and out. Apparently, we had parked too close to a bush that was home to a small ant colony. We spent the next twenty minutes smashing ants into the carpet and the rest of the ride home slapping the rest of them off our arms and legs. It was not I that started this war. I was a peaceful man, friend to all, all ants must die!!!!!!!


Super Kate said...

Amen...I'm battling them in my kitchen...they were crawling in our box of Pop's cereal. I hate them all!

S.T. Lewis said...

They followed you to Disneyland? It's like a dumbed-down Hitchcock film you've got going there. After visiting our garden, I'm more about "death to snakes," but at least snakes aren't in my bed and my car. Good luck with all that.

Karyn said...

At least they wheren't fire ants.

And btw.... nevermind.. I forgot.. OH I remember. I saw Journey to the Center of the Earth and saw the Bolt trailor in 3-d! I want to see it in 3-D now!!!!!!

Mama C. said...

Your story reminds me so much of a ladybug infestation we had in our house a few years back. I was VERY pregnant with our oldest daughter, and had just come up from visiting with my mom (who lives right downstairs from us). When I walked back into the kitchen, I noticed these ENORMOUS red moving blobs in three out of the four corners of the kitchen walls. I got up closer to find out what the heck it could be, and was a bit disgusted to find there were THOUSANDS of ladybugs crawling in big heaps!

Now, I think one or two ladybugs are sweet little creatures. But, to see them in their herds (Gaggles? Clusters? Hives? Whatever the heck the group of them is called! :), chilling out in the crevaces of my kitchen walls, just heebed me COMPLETELY out.

I called my mom, and asked her to come upstairs. She must have sensed the panic in my voice, 'cause she asked me what was wrong. I told her, "I need you to get rid of some ladybugs for me." "LADYBUGS?? Cheryl, I think this pregnancy is getting the best of you!", my mom retorted. But, she resigned to me that she'd be right up.

It wasn't until she entered into my kitchen that she saw the full scope of what it was I was freaking out so fully about!

At first, we were really trying to be gentle with them. But, after awhile, we were smashing the suckers, just to get them GONE. Until we re-painted our kitchen, we had the little red remains of ladybugs all over the tops of our kitchen walls!

Turns out, their migration route got messed up by so much crazy tropical weather that summer, and they got transported (or blown, or whatever) far off course. And, since their migratory pattern sends them to the sides of sheer cliffs, any light colored house was especially appealing to them.

I never let my mother live down the fact that she chose a light grey paint.

Hope your finally rid of your ants!

Christy and Adam said...

That really stinks. I"m sorry Hyrum :( no bueno