Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Clips from the show

Here is a sequence from the film that was released on Yahoo. Some of the shots have changed since then but it's pretty close. I animated the shot of Rhino talking about infiltrating Dr. Calico's arctic hoverbase. Enjoy!


Jim said...

LOL Spicy Eyes!

LOL! I have to say! This one seems cool.. besides it being a Disney Movie. HA! I mean how do you respond to the movie coming out this weekend? talking Dogs with Mexican accents? Sold! lets green light that idea! and lets get that chick from Aliens to be in it! perfect! you're a genius! no you're a genius! LET'S GET LUNCH!

Mama C. said...

That's just INCREDIBLE! Hyrum, you are SUCH a tease! :) Now I can't wait to see it. It was hard to believe that all of that was animation (especially the explosion)! Too cool for words!!

How long did it take you to animate that one shot of Rhino?

Hyrum Virl Osmond said...

That shot took a few weeks. I actually have no idea how they created that explosion. Effects animators are amazing.

I'm glad you and Jim liked it. Sometimes I get so involved with what I'm working on that I don't know whats good and what isn't, so It's nice to hear outside opinions.........which by the way, thanks to all of my animator friends for posting such nice comments.....oh, wait....bunch of jerks :)jk Ha, I'll just assume you're all speechless. :)

Anonymous said...

it looks really great!!
Can`'t wait to see it too.