Friday, November 7, 2008

Jim Henson Studio

During some of the down time here at Disney we get to take a few field trips. Today we got to go check out Jim Henson Studios. We didn't have a lot of time but it was cool to see what they're up to. I'm a huge Muppet fan, so I was hoping to get a look at an original Kermit or something, unfortunately it's locked away somewhere in London.....or New York..........they wouldn't say.


Fiona (Phebes) said...

Ooooo I love the Muppets.. and Mum & I watch A Muppets Christmas carol EVERY year!!

Can I tell you a secret?.. some of us call your Uncle Jay ANIMAL.. cos they both have red shirts play drums and shake their heads in a world of their own! HA!

I can see that you are struggling with that awful Californian sunshine!!

Mama C. said...

How cool are YOU, being able to go and visit there! I grew up watching Sesame Street, and Kermie is my absolute FAVORITE (well, him and Grover!).

And, as an F.Y.I., I got this from the website:

4. How can I acquire a REAL Muppet?

Lots of people ask this question and unfortunately they are not available. Muppets are typically either stored away, destroyed after a period of time, or rebuilt into another character. Henson is very protective of their character copyrights and patents and that is why they must take legal action upon anyone who is reproducing their characters.

Jim Henson discussed this in a 1982 interview. "Actually the copies of characters is something I don't particularly like to talk about in articles but just for your information, most characters there's only one. Somebody like a Piggy or a Kermit, there needs to be several versions and so there will be several of them. I'm not even sure how many because often we'll also have a photocopy – a character that's made that we use just for posing for photographs. It would be armatured, that sort of thing, but I don't think it's good to talk about that particularly. I remember hearing that there were several Lassies, and I never liked knowing that sort of thing."

"... actually, they're basically all in storage. We have all of that stuff together. We don't release Muppets out hardly ever. There's one Kermit in the Detroit Institute of Arts and Ernie and Bert in Washington and that's about all."

Kendra said...

You have all the fun.

ME & MY GIRLZ said...

Hyrum, I am glad to see you are well. I can't wait to see Bolt, the kids and I are excited to see it. I will be sure to tell them my fellow drummer animated for the movie! Very cool stuff. At least you can tell your kids I am friends with Ice Cube!! HA HA.