Wednesday, February 11, 2009

VES Awards Sneak Peak

On Saturday there was a special sneak peak open to the public to see all the nominations for the VES Awards. A bunch of the animators from Disney were invited to come. Each entry was shown along with a short video showing how they achieved certain shots (followed by a Q&A). I was completely blown away by the stuff submittted by the guys who did "Benjamin Button", "John Adams" and lets not forget "Cloverfeild". And there I was, "um,....I animated a hamster". Anyway, we also got to hang out with Victor Navone and the Pixar team during the break. We just chilled and talked animtion. A fan actually walked up to us with a big Wall-e poster for the Pixar guys to sign, I was expecting that( if I had had my Wall-e poster I would have had them sign it too) but then he pulled out a Bolt Calander and asked us to sign it. It was my first and probably my last autograph I'll ever sign............and it had nothing to do with me being an Osmond. Ha!

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Vince Gorman said...

I wish I would have introduced myself to you and the other Disney animators at the Sneak Peek. I moved out here in January with the goal of someday animating for Disney and saw that disney and pixar animators would be at the show, so I couldn't miss it. I figured you didn't want to be hounded with questions, though. Anyway, amazing work on Bolt, the shots you worked on were so entertaining. I wish the 2d days of in-betweeners and assistants were still around, because I'd love the chance to learn from you.