Sunday, February 22, 2009

VES Awards

Well, we didn't win anything but it was sure a lot of fun. Congrats to Wall-e and Benjamin Button for sweeping most everything.

At our table. Some very fine dining at this event. Although, if you didn't like lamb or alcohol (as becky and I do not), one needed to fill up on salad and desserts. Still, very good stuff.

This is a shot of Andrew Stanton (Director of Wall-e) just as a man is apparently walking right in front of him. Duough! It was really cool that we were seated only one table away. ......I'm a big Stanton fan.

This picture is of "Andy Circus" (the guy who played Golum in Lord of the Rings). He, Tia Carrera (The girl from "Wayne's World" and some guy from the Terminator TV series were the stars at the event. Speilberg gave us a few prerecorded remarks from the large tv's.......but he was there in spirit.

Another shot of Andy from our table.

Becky in her new dress, looks AMAZING! Me in the cheapest tux I could find for rent. It's hard to see but the button on my vest is missing, popped off right as I was putting it on.


Fiona (Phebes) said...

To have to fill up on desserts huh?? toughcall?? Lamb!! Blah!!

Becky looks amazing!! love the dress, if I was that slim!

Glad you had a good time though,

Ps My friend took her kids to see Bolt, She loved it but the kids were scared... ahhhh.. But Kimberley said it was very good and loved the animation. :0)

Take care

xx Phebes

Christy and Adam said...

Becky looked amazing and I"m glad you had a good time.

Super Kate said...

woweeeeewowwww, you guys are super foxy!!!!

Kendra said...

You guys sure clean up good!

Anonymous said...


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