Sunday, March 8, 2009

Another Instant Classic

I had the fortunate opportunity of watching this fine feature film over the weekend. I was among the very few Americans who did not see this instant classic in the theaters and boy did I miss out. With its all star cast of Brendan Fraser, Josh The kid from Bridge to Tarabithia, and some woman from Iceland, the movie delivers a heart pounding, adrenaline pumping non stop adventure. Dinosaurs, Deadly Piranha, and man eating plants?.......all in the center of the earth!
The acting is top notch (would we expect anything less from Brendan?) and the story leaves nothing but everything to be desired. I would also add, that in an age where amazing visual effects is now a mandated essential component to any theatrical release, it's nice to see that one film has decided to stand up to the industries VFX peer pressure. Essentially allowing the audience to use its brain and imagine the film looking really great.
Is it any wonder why this movie grossed 240 million?...............sigh.
I invite everyone to just read the book.

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joyce said...

I thought it was silly too. But I still like Brendan Fraser