Friday, March 13, 2009

Greatest Magician Ever!

I actually met Doug Henning once when he performed this trick on the Donny and Marrie show. (long ago, I think I was 5) Sadly, I couldn't find that footage but here his awesome trick nonetheless.


erica said...

haha! I remember watching him with my parents long ago!

Shane and Brandi said...

Yes, I am blog stalking from Kendra's blog, but my kids loved the magic trick! I looked at older posts too and tell Becky she looks amazing in her dress!

Jenny Lerew said...

Footage of you at 5 would be awesome(I always feel like I'm quoting Rhino when I say that now)!

I always think when I see young kids/family members in specials of that sort what wonderful, surreal home movies those must be.
A good friend of mine, Cammie Conlon, was in "Gone With The Wind" when she was 5 as Rhett's daughter; all she can remember is that his face scratched(but that he was very nice)! LOL.
I saw Doug Henning as a kid onstage in "The Magic Show". Stephen Schwartz did the score and it was terrific. He seemed a sweet natured guy. The magic's pretty cool, too. : )