Saturday, June 20, 2009

Failure is not an option...unless you're trying to launch a space shuttle

You've probably all heard that the space shuttle launch got canceled...twice. When it got canceled the first time we decided to postpone our flight home by two days so we could see the rescheduled launch, but alas, they were unable to fix that same fuel leak problem and it got scrubbed again. They did however manage to fire off the "Atlas" rocket to the moon...3 hours after our flight left for California (adding a little insult to injury). As depressing as all that was, the rest of our vacation in Florida was so much fun. We ate a lot of great food, we went to Disney World and the beach and
I got to see an actual "Saturn V" rocket.

This is my sweet wife under the Saturn V Apollo 18 rocket. This is the actual rocket that would have launched if the Apollo missions had not been canceled. They told us that the Saturn V rocket was so loud that the only thing louder was an atomic bomb. They also said that the sound waves alone for a shuttle launch would kill you
from 800ft....which is cool.

Me and my boys in front of the boosters from the first separation of the Saturn V.

Actual consoles used during the Apollo missions

This is a close up of the main booster engines on the Saturn V.
A complex mess of tubes and hardware
that I thought looked really cool.

These are my boys (who happen to be just as addicted to NASA as I am) pretending to be the Saturn V rocket.

So, I highly recommend a trip to Florida. The Space museum is awesome and great food is everywhere. In fact, We really only had two frustrations on our trip:
1) Shuttle launches are fickle things that should never be counted on.
2) The Florida water tastes like frozen beef
and should be avoided at all cost.


Jeremy said...

Two things... First, I hope you get a deal on your Disney World tickets and second, the water can't be any worse than Odessa water.

Olivia Osmond said...

This trip of yours made me laugh so hard! Anmaree and I just got back from London. You can't count on anything these days...except Big Ben. We had a frustrating trip as well...broken planes and layover. The travel delays shaved tons of time off of an already very short trip. I did get to see some original paintings that I've always wanted to see.

Karyn said...

Your boys being rockets was cute. I can see my nephews doing that.

and happy fathers day btw.

Matthew said...

Hahhahahahaha! I am laughing so hard...

Dezra Marshall said...

the water in Florida is gross! The first time I tasted it I didn't know if I should swallow it or spit it out! we called it dirt water!