Sunday, March 7, 2010

Avatar does not win the Oscar

Good! All I have to say is that as beautiful as Avatar was to watch...the story was lame, a rehashed rip off of earlier movies. And let's face it, the cliche lines and over-the-top acting from that general guy was pretty annoying. So let's all come down from the Avator hype and admit that we all expected a little more from Cameron. I mean come on, This is the same guy that gave us aliens and T2 for crying out loud.

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Dezra Marshall said...

i agree with ya! it reminded me of furngully/pocahotas, with a bad matrix twist.

Matthew said...

Well said. Personally I think that "The Naughty Chicken IV" should have won best picture.

See you tomorrow!

Mars Cabrera said...

Personally, I'd rather have my movie earn $2,667,881,000 than 100 golden useless statuettes... Avatar is still a winner in my book! ;p