Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Haven't stood on my soap box in a while

Everyone knows I love animation, why, it spurts and oozes from my very being (sounds gross, but true)
but animation is not my life, work is not my life...
my life is my family.

Stop missing out on that precious time, it is gone so quickly. 


Andy Conroy said...

I dig.

The Livingston Place said...

I was taking Ian to scouts last night and Andy was on his way carpooling with John Nguyen. I envisioned seeing him in John's car and while on the freeway Andy climbing into our moving van from John's car and then being so excited to spend time with him the rest of the way to the church. The caption at the bottom of my imaginary stunt for him, "Family, isn't it about...time?" hahaha!