Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wait...Disney has two animation studios?

"In recent years, Pixar has dominated the computer-animated film world. But Tangled, not created by Pixar but instead Walt Disney Animation, compares quite favorably. Rapunzel’s flowing hair is gorgeous. Much attention was given to this important character trait and I noticed at least five of the film’s credits featuring the word “hair” in them – and there may have been more. The supporting cast includes a horse named Maximus who steals every scene he’s in. This is far and away Disney’s greatest achievement in computer animation under its own banner, thus far. While Tangled is not a Pixar-produced film, you can still feel John Lasseter’s presence."


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Christopher said...

Great stuff Hyrum, really looking forward to seeing this one. With all the recent DVD releases and Tangled and Megamind coming out it's a fun time to be an animation fan.