Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thor Review, as promised

Quite possibly the worst Marvel film to date. Didn't care one bit about any of these characters (especially his ridiculous friends, did they even need to be in this film?) Acting was meh to awful, especially from Thor and the action scenes were really quite boring. Two moments of particular lameness were

1) The bar scene - isn't it just so funny to watch the God of Thunder drink lots of beer? "Ha,ha,ha, this planet has such excellent alcohol!" After having to sit through that boring meaningless moment in the movie we should have at least gotten a nice drunken Thor bar fight scene out of it.

2) Why is the special forces guy using a bow and arrow? Is that really the preferred weapon for taking down an immortal?

Shame on all you rotten tomatoes movie reviewers that gave this film a 77%............77%?!!!!!!!!!


Nathan Lindsay said...

I want "meh to awful" to become a standard in reviewing things. hahaha.

Adam said...

He didn't even shoot the bow, that was my issue. This big bad bow, and nothin'. I caught alot of flak on Facebook when I posted a negative review LOL

bobbiscombe said...

The guy with the bow - "what's the point of the guy with the bow?" His name was Clinton Barton. Google him. You'll then see the relevance. Thor will return in the avengers. There's a little clue for you.

Also, I disagree with this review hugely. The bar scene was funny. The film was not an action film, view it as a male dominated Rom-Com. It works better. The "pointless friends" are main characters in Thor comics and they added more to the "out of time and place" humour.

I think calling the film "the worst marvel film" is ridiculous... Have you seen ghost rider?

Megan said...

They only had the "bow and arrow" guy in it to introduce a future member of the Avengers--Hawkeye. They're setting up for a future movie.

Hyrum Virl Osmond said...
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Hyrum Virl Osmond said...

wow, thanks for all the comments but unfortunatley this movie is still horrible. The fact of the matter is that all writers/directors have to deal with story adaptation. Whether its a book or a comic, the decision must be made on how relevant an extra character is and how to correctly implement him/her into the story, many films have done this successfully. Thors friends...didn't do anything. Even when they were on that ice world, the only thing they did was get hurt. Their only role in the film was to supply some mostly unfunny comic relief. (ha, get it? comic?)

Havent seen Ghost Rider but I'm definitely going to netflix it now ;)