Thursday, November 1, 2007

Ok, so I now have my first shot of the movie. Its one of those really subtle big laughs shots. I don't know particularly why it was issued to me,.......cause its a doosy!!! I showed a blocking pass of it in our dailies a week ago (yes, i am actually blocking with stepped keys now) and it got completely ripped to pieces. It was a very humbling experience but they were great comments. The next time I showed it things went a little better, I was told that it was getting closer. I'm now showing a third version tomorrow morning during dailies and I'm crossing my fingers that it is what the director wants. I'll let you know how it goes. I'm loving it at Disney! I got to go to the Disney Archives building today. I got to handle original animation from "Sleeping Beauty", "Pinocchio", "Lady & the Tramp" and (one of my personal favorites) "The Three Caballeros"
They said I can go there any time just to do research. This place is sweet.

Word to all my Avalanche Brothas!


Andy Conroy said...

Sweet Geepers!! That is awesome! and here i just announced that i don't even like stepped tangents any more! what am i supposed to do?

great to hear some news Hyrum.. I am sure you will knock that shot out of the park!

Adam Strick said...

Well did you tell them that you usually just like to polish the shot in your first pass?

Dude, you're going to ROCK that shot and it's one of the best from the movie!! You're awesome dude but if you need to be humbled I guess going through the Disney archives would do it.

Brian Cutler said...

Good luck with that shot; it sounds pretty intense. I'm glad somebody was finally able to humble you. You know I always tried to do it but I guess my critiques just never carried enough weight. ;)

Bobby Pontillas said...

Wow man! What a great experience! Thanks for sharing it all, I'm living vicariously through you!