Wednesday, November 7, 2007

First issued shot..........................FAILED. Ok, so I didn't really fail, I just need to do millions of little fixes. Turns out that the general acting of the animation is solid but the facial is missing the mark. My animation has actually turned into somewhat of a guineapig (no pun intended........ha,ha.........ha) for the animation dept. There are a lot of questions on behavior for this character that need to be answered. They played that shot during our Lasseter Dailies without telling me they were going to do so. Talk about stress. Here's my shot, that I know already has problems, being watched by John. It actually went a lot better than I thought. But yes, he thought it had problems too. I'll give it another go and let you all know if I got the stuff or not. My wife thinks i'm awsome, and the best animator in the world. I tell everyone at work that but I don't think they believe me.

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