Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Shot is approved! and I'm almost done with the entire sequence. Its been painful (many tears have been shed) but it appears to be coming together.

On a lighter note, I got pulled over yesterday by a motorcycle cop because I was riding my electric scooter on the sidewalk. I almost began a high speed chase through the quiet streets of Burbank but soon abandoned the idea. I politely thanked him for keeping our city safe from people like me.


Bobby Pontillas said...

Congrats on the approval Hyrum!

Ryan Wood said...

Nice job, Hyrum! Sounds like the new gig is treating you well.

Nathan Lindsay said...

I can see why you were confused on your nifty scooty bike there because its totally legal where you used to live to ride motorize vehicles on sidewalks. I'm sure you just flashed your Disney badge and he graciously invited you to enjoy your day. Doesn't Disney own the cops too?

I can't wait to see your shot. Send me a playblast (I'm sure it would be ok, our email looks like I'm in-house).

Tyler (characters N' sketches) said...

i would reccomend that you get a more accurate speedometer on your scooter.

congrats on the shot!!