Monday, April 7, 2008

Animators with crazy skills

Ok, so one of the great bitter sweet things that happens when working for a major studio like Disney is the constant humbling one goes through. The second you start thinking your stuff looks good you get a look at some of the stuff the other animators are working on and.......well hang your head in shame. Not to say my shots aren't looking good, I think they look very nice, but there are some animators here at Disney right now who are "Amazing".


Bobby Pontillas said...

Hey Hyrum ! I saw the same thing happen at the last game studio I was at. I think there are just a select few that are able to humble themselves to take in critique, especially when its from someone younger.

But yknow what they say, the best guys are always the most humble!

Hyrum Virl Osmond said...

Yeah, I suppose I sounded a bit upset in this last post. Disney is actually getting to be a very good studio. Some of the guys I work with are so good that I'm forced to be humble whether I like it or not.