Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Disney Movies Announced

Lasseter and the other higher-ups held a big press conference on Tuesday and announced Line ups for both Disney and Pixar. Disney films are as follows:

Bolt Thanksgiving 2008 - (John Travolta, Hannah Montana)

The Princess and the Frog - (Christmas 2009)

Rapunzel (2010)

King of the Elves - (2012)


Johnsons said...

Hyrum, That is exciting! Did you do that picture for bolt? If so, it looks great! I didn't know that they planned their movies so far in advance. That gives us a lot to look forward to.

Hyrum Virl Osmond said...

No Ames, I actually don't draw very much these days...........most of my time is spent playing foosball

Don said...

Very exciting news! Thanks for the insight.

Johnsons said...

Is that what they are paying you for? Man I wish that I worked for Disney!!!

David Gilson said...

Hi Hyrum!
Just went back from holidays and, wow, so much new Disney stuff around the web!
Bolt looks really cool! Doesn't Mittens have whiskers anymore comparing to the first pic released before??
Heard too that Bolt could possibly not be finished for Thanksgiving, is that possible considering you all have to work a lot on it these days?
More, i suppose in your previous post,you was referring to King of Elves? Will it be Cgi?
Too bad there won't be a Disney feature for 2011.
Rapunzel still excite me a lot, and Princess and the Frof look great too,even i'm not fond of the too simplist hair designs of Tiana on this pic...

Anonymous said...

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David Gilson said...

Hi Hyrum!
You can delete this post after reading it if you want ; just wanna ask you if it could be possible that Disney will release the Bolt's trailer attached to Narnia 2 in May?
I read it soon around the web but i guess you'll know that better maybe?
Thanks by advance! ^v^

Hyrum Virl Osmond said...

Hi David,
I don't think it will,at least as far as I know. If I find out differently I'll let you know.

David Gilson said...

Oki Hyrum!
Thanks a lot,you're very kind ;)