Tuesday, July 15, 2008

891 Frames

It's done!.....finally done! I just got my longest shot of the movie approved. 891 frames long............and it took forever. I'm not complaining though, I think it turned out pretty nice. I actually feel really bad for the animator that is animating all the background characters, there are 14 characters in the shot and I only had to animate two of them.

(Thanks to the person who's blog I stole this photo of of Andy from.........it was too perfect)


Adam Strick said...

Congratulations!!! You'll have to point it out to Brandon and I when we see it in theaters!

The MoToRcYcLe BlOgGeRiEs said...

I bet that's exactly how it felt..
besides the crawling through crap part.

can't wait to see it..
(on video) I'm just kidding we'll be there with bells on!
Nov right? mmmm I thought something else was going on that month too.
mmmmmm.. I'm sure it's not important.
I forgot to tell you Sunday I read an article that used the same reference you did in class.. (the Joe reference)
what are the odds hearing the same random two lines from random great movie twice in one day??
I may be getting a brain cloud..

Hyrum Virl Osmond said...

You'll definitely want to be there opening day..........to see the amazing results of your video reference.

Mama C. said...

Hyrum, can you put this accomplishment in better perspective for me? In terms of hours, how long did it take you to complete each of the frames, and how long did it take to finish the entire project?

Did you actually create characters yourself, or add animation to something that had already been created?



Hyrum Virl Osmond said...

The actual time I spent on the shot is about 5 weeks. We animate at 24 frames per second so that equals out to about a 37 second shot in the movie. I don't create the characters, I just add movement to it.

Mama C. said...

Holy Guacamole! Five WEEKS for 37 seconds of film??!!! That's astounding!

About how many hours did you put in, total?

Your kind of work always intruigued me...sorry if I'm asking too much, but I really am interested.

Hyrum Virl Osmond said...

Not too sure about the hours but they've been averaging about 53-56 hours a week. It's only that bad during crunch time though.

Mama C. said...

Whew! That's just incredible, Hyrum! It certainly gives me a much better appreciation for the world of animated films (even though I really loved them to begin with). What a craft you have!

Thanks for answering my questions! :)


Lauri said...

can you tell us what scene you worked on? Just want a heads up before I see it so I can critique it real good. :)