Wednesday, January 28, 2009

American Idol Osmond

Congrats to my Cousin Dave for his excellent performance on American Idol tonight!
Go Dave! The next American Idol!!!!


Jim said...

um... I believe if you look at the fine print in the American Idol disclosures, it reads
"anyone related by birth or by Marriage to an Osmond cannot Participate in these 'An American Idol' Productions."
However, if you read on.. it does state "
those that are infact related to any Osmond can request time for any musical number during any of the Results shows because they usually are very Boring and Suck"

tell him we're very Sorry but rules are rules.. So Sad..

Karyn said...

I watched AI just because David was in it. I'm totally looking forward to seeing him go far and winning.

Super Kate said...

I believe Jim is correct.

ME & MY GIRLZ said...

It was a good surprise to see him on the show. It was more fun to see Nate and how much he has changed.

Fiona (Phebes) said...

GO GO GO David!! Lovely to see Your Uncle Alan "sparring" with that idiot of a compare..

Now,Hyrum? after the crazy horses thing...YOU next??? :0)