Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bolt Oscar


Mama C. said...

Isn't that the most AWESOME thing???!!! I watched the nomination ceremony the other morning, and was whooping and hollering when I heard that news!!

Congratulations to you and your entire team! :)

Oh, by the way... I was at an event at my daughter's school this morning, and I met a dad of one of her classmates who worked briefly as an animator for Disney, too. So... if your ears were ringing this morning, it was 'cause I was talking about you! :)

malia said...

congratulations!!! that is so awesome! i loved Bolt!!! :)

Kendra said...


Karyn said...

Does this mean you'll be at the Oscars?!

Congrats you all deserve it!!!

Matthew said...

I just put my vote in for Bolt. Barbra, Jack, Meryl, and Johnny called me up asking which Animated movie I was voting for (they can never think for themselves!) and I told them to vote for Bolt as well.

Congratulations Dearest H.

Anonymous said...