Thursday, February 18, 2010

"Rapunzel" movie title changed to "Tangled"

Producer Roy Conli had this to say on a Disney fan website:

“Hey everyone, I’m Roy Conli, producer of Disney’s next animated film. I have some exciting news to share, and it was important to me that YOU guys – the Disney fans – hear it first. I want to tell you about Walt Disney Animation Studio’s 2010 release, Tangled. It’s a really fresh,  smart take on the Rapunzel story. In our film, the infamous bandit Flynn Rider meets his match in the girl with the 70 feet of magical golden hair. We’re having a lot of fun pairing Flynn, who’s seen it all, with Rapunzel, who’s been locked away in a tower for 18 years. I’m so proud of the crew working on this film – they’re doing a fantastic job creating an awesome story with great characters and a stunning world – and it’s all going to look amazing in 3D. All of us  here at the studio are incredibly excited for you to see Tangled when it comes out in theaters this November.”

All I will say is what Dorritos said when they began packaging their scrumptious delicious chips in different looking bags,  "New look,...same great taste"!


robster16 said...

I have complete faith in the movie and am beyond excited for it. I have been craving for this movie even before Disney announced their version as I used this story as a common theme for my assignments when studying animation. Some examples of sketches I have posted on an old blog: So when Disney announced their version under direction of Glen Keane (my biggest example ever) I was beyond thrilled. After following this project for over a decade I simply can not wait to see what it looks like. The title is a shame and I'll probably hate that for all eternity, but I'm sure I'll LOVE the movie. The buzz is VERY positive. So good luck with production the next couple of months. I wish everyone there all the inspiration possible!


robster16 said...

OMGL, the very rough cut of the trailer for "Rapunzel"/"Tangled" has leaked. Someone managed to capture it from an entertainment survey about the title change of the movie (maybe they shouldn't have changed it, then this wouldn't have happened) but it looks INCREDIBLE!

The animation is superb, even unrendered! The scene where Flynn enters the tower and gets beaten up and tossed around by Rapunzel's hair, like a puppet is amazing in it's fluidity and squash and stretch. I can't wait to see it all in it's fully rendered state. The sidekicks looks amazing, Pascal and Maximus and the comedy is clever and subtle.

This leak sure has people excited on Disney forums after being slightly depressed about the title being changed, so maybe this leak wasn't such a bad thing for Disney at all! It certainly cemented faith in the movie with me.

funny sidenote: I had the same joke about Rapunzel dropping her hair on top of her suitors in my version of the movie.